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Lumen Impact Group


At Lumen Impact Group, we support you — as individuals and as teams — in thinking strategically. We help you define your path forward while forging a cohesive, thriving culture. We arm you with processes and tools that address specific needs and prepare you to achieve groundbreaking impact.

Results-Driven Strategy Development

  • Strategic & Business Plan Facilitation
  • Plan & Process Audit
  • Implementation Planning, Support
  • Organization/Program Evaluation, Design
  • School Quality Assessment

Your greatest impact is possible only if your purpose, priorities and path forward are clear. At Lumen Impact Group, we help you define these strategic components.

People and results are key, whether we’re guiding you and your team to hone a strategic plan, business plan, operational plan or fundraising plan. Our approach artfully integrates diverse perspectives to ensure your stakeholders contribute meaningfully to the process and develop a deep sense of teamwork and ownership.

Importantly, our support includes tailoring a focused set of strategies to take your plan from development to implementation, rather than gathering dust on a shelf. We help you motivate your team to pursue defined goals in cohesion.

Trillium Academy hired Lumen Impact Group to facilitate a three-year strategic plan — our second plan facilitated by them. Our board members and staff entered into the process expecting it would be similar to our first experience. During the process, we identified challenging areas where we could not achieve consensus. Lumen Impact Group guided us in drilling into our core values and strategic vision to ensure alignment of our goals and outcomes. The healthy conflict, which Lumen Impact successfully facilitated, allowed us to realize a strategic plan that will continue to allow our school to achieve our mission of ‘“cultivating college and career-focused learners by embracing academic excellence, strong character values, disciplined artistry and individual student passions.’ ”
Heather Gardner
Chair, Trillium Academy

High-Impact Leaders and Teams

  • Private Leadership Coaching
  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Assessment/Team Building
  • 360 Evaluations
  • Leadership Style Assessments

At Lumen Impact Group, we know teams achieve their greatest impact when they share clarity of purpose.

It’s why we are passionate about supporting seasoned and emerging leaders on their growth journeys. It’s why clients value our expertise in nurturing teams that thrive.

Our founder, Lisa Diaz, professionally trained coach who has guided dozens of leaders and teams in their quest to optimize their strengths as catalysts for organizational impact. Coaching one-on-one and in small groups, we help leaders identify their leadership styles, address blind spots and ask the right questions. Importantly, we help them fuel productive relationships with direct reports, peers, supervisors and boards of directors.

We use tools and resources such as DiSC profile personality assessments and role and fit assessments. We foster discussion of topics such as organizational design and collaborative decision-making. And we facilitate work groups and task forces in thinking creatively to address significant needs and opportunities.

Our fun and engaging team-development work challenges colleagues to explore deeply, embrace differences, align around shared goals, work more efficiently and celebrate more wins.

I engaged Lumen Impact Group during my leadership roles at Chicago Public Schools and The National Charter Schools Institute. Their team development and one-on-one coaching helped us become more effective in our practices and created significant personal growth opportunities for each of us. Lisa helped us, as leaders and team members, gain clarity of vision and align our work with our values and passion.
Mary Bradley
National Charter Schools Institute

Intentional Culture

  • Culture Assessment & Improvement
  • Advancement of Organizational Values
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Best Practices
  • Organizational Development Facilitation
  • Decision-Making Process Refinement

People are the most valuable asset in any organization. Which means there’s boundless value in ensuring teams feel the profound sense of community, fulfillment and unity in purpose that will propel their greatest impact.

Lumen Impact Group guides leaders and teams in cultivating an intentional culture that influences decisions, behaviors and interactions.

Informed by best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion, we help teams identify their values, assess their current workplace environment, and generate collaborative enthusiasm for a defined culture going forward. Our processes and tools guide teams in adopting actions that engage and support all leaders and team members in achieving the desired culture.

Teams say their culture work with Lumen Impact Group reduces conflicts and confusion, expands respect and a sense of belonging, and builds determined cohesion around shared values and goals.

As a family-owned and operated company, we needed to preserve our culture and define our mission, vision and values better as we grew. Lumen Impact Group helped capture a variety of diverse perspectives and hopes for the future in a way that connected everyone involved. Lumen Impact Group helped us create a clear strategic focus and for our future stabilized our culture. Lisa also coached our leadership team in supporting implementation.
Mark Smith
President, Krapohl Ford & Lincoln


"Lumen Impact Group has been critical in supporting Bluum’s efforts in Idaho to manage our $17.1 million federal Charter School Program grant. As one of the country’s first non-profit organizations to receive federal CSP funding, the stakes for our work are very high, and our efforts to help open, expand and replicate public charter schools face scrutiny. I sleep better knowing Lumen Impact Group has worked closely with us to build our processes, procedures and playbook for managing the responsibility of directing and overseeing a significant federal grant. I highly recommend them to others. They are true pros."
Terry Ryan
CEO, Bluum
"I have worked with Lumen Impact Group at both the individual and organizational level. As a coach, Lisa has a natural ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to ask questions that help her clients translate insight into action. Each team member who has worked with Lisa in a coaching capacity has demonstrated visible growth that has positively impacted individual and team performance. As an organization, we are trying to be purposeful about the culture we are creating, as a means of best fulfilling our mission. Lumen Impact Group has been a tremendous thought partner along the way and has facilitated critical steps in a collaborative yet efficient and fun way. Our team was in awe at how much we accomplished collectively in a short period of time. We are moving toward our ideal culture much more quickly than I thought possible, and I have no doubt it is because of Lumen Impact Group’s guidance. "
Kasey Miller
Chief of Staff, National Association of Charter School Authorizers
"Lisa Diaz and Lumen Impact provided invaluable support to Colorado Charter Facility Solutions during our start-up phase. I was the new non-profit organization’s executive director (and only employee at the time), and Lisa knew answers to questions that I did not even know to ask. She made sure the board of directors was set up correctly and that the organizational documents were in place. Lisa helped me establish the organization’s goals and ways to track progress. Lisa is organized, patient and kind, and worked quickly, thoroughly and collaboratively. She is a good listener and even acted as an executive coach/therapist at times. When necessary, Lisa can be direct, yet she is always focused on the goals of the organization and its success. I highly recommend Lisa Diaz and Lumen Impact Group. "
Jane Ellis
Executive Director, Colorado Charter Facility Solutions
"Lisa did a fantastic job with our entire strategic planning team. Her process was beyond organized. As a new administrator, I was able to lean on Lisa for her expertise and knowledge of strategic planning. She did everything from meeting organization and to facilitating subgroups, focus groups and staff culture surveys. Her work with the school board and administrative team was respectful, while also filled with appropriate advice and constructive feedback. I could not imagine going through this process without Lisa. She will continue to be a trusted resource for years to come."
Jamie DeWitt
School Leader, NexTech High School
"As a family-owned and operated company, we needed to preserve our culture and define our mission, vision and values better as we grew. Lumen Impact Group helped capture a variety of diverse perspectives and hopes for the future in a way that connected everyone involved. Lumen Impact Group helped us create a clear strategic focus and for our future stabilized our culture. Lisa also coached our leadership team in supporting implementation."
Mark Smith
President, Krapohl Ford & Lincoln